You DO need to worry about termite control…even in the winter.

Do I need termite control this winter?

Truth is, termites may be more visible in the warmer months, but that does not mean they are dormant during the winter. Termites can survive year-round in your home, especially if your home is providing adequate food, moisture, and temperature. Termites typically burrow deeper into the ground to maintain warmth during the winter, but they remain active, especially if their soil is near a heated basement. Though you cannot see these termites, they are still there, and it is still important to identify and get rid of them! At Brunswick Pest Control, we have educated exterminators that can identify all the signs of termites, no matter what the season.  Call Brunswick Pest Control for termite control in Wilmington, NC today.

What type of damage can they do if they go unseen?

Termites are most known for their ability to reproduce rapidly and maintain multiple colonies. If termites go unnoticed during winter months, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still reproducing. If they have ample food and conditions, the Queens will continue to lay eggs. Termites can produce a colony of thousands of workers, and according to, they are a number one threat to U.S. homes. Termite damage can often occur at slow, subtle rates which is why it’s hard to detect, but they can destroy your home’s entire structural timber. They don’t stop there; termites also destroy drywall, paneling, carpet, and furniture.

What are signs to look out for?

Even if the termites themselves go unseen, it is important to know what damage signs are. Some of the major signs include discolored sheetrock on ceilings or walls, sagging floors, damaged or flimsy wood, bubbling or peeling paint. Identifying termites early on is important, or else your home can be left with serious and grave damage. One last thing to keep in mind is that termites will have settled into your home before damage is noticeable. Brunswick Pest Control offers environmentally-friendly termite control services in Wilmington, NC so you can keep your home safe and sound this winter.

Brunswick Pest Control

Brunswick Pest Control offers year-round termite control in Wilmington, NC so you can sleep at night knowing termites aren’t damaging your home. Whether it is the dead of winter or the heart of summer, termites can still actively damage your home. Don’t let them go unnoticed, call Brunswick Pest Control today!