Moisture Control Services and Prevention

Protect your home from pests and potential damage as a result of excess moisture in your home.

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Moisture Control for Wilmington, NC & Surrounding Counties

brunswick pest control wilmington nc offers moisture control to help eliminate pest issues

Almost all pests love the warm, moist comfort of particular spaces inside your home or business. However, pests like termites and cockroaches are especially attracted to the dark, damp places the shelter of your residential or commercial property provides. This means that basements, crawlspaces, and attics draw in an exceptional number of creepy crawly pests that need a place to hide from the conditions outdoors.

Our exterminators know that you are not fond of these unwanted guests, so we want to assure that your home or business is a dry, pest-free place to be. That is why we provide commercial and residential moisture control services.

Moisture control eliminates an ideal home and breeding ground for pests, but it also has many more benefits for the health and safety of your property. Keeping out extra humidity with moisture control services means preventing the potential for mold, mildew, fungus, water damage and more in your home or business. These issues can cause serious problems for your family or customers but are easily preventable with the help of moisture control.

Our staff is proud to protect your Wilmington, NC property with the help of our moisture control services designed to help you keep out problematic pests and dangerous moisture.

Residential and Commercial Moisture Control

Keeping your home and business pest free has a lot to do with keeping moisture out of your attic, basement, crawlspace, and other areas. Mold, mildew, fungus, and pests such as termites and cockroaches can wreak havoc if there is excess moisture inside your property. That is why we use a variety of methods to control moisture in your home or business, from dehumidifiers to moisture barriers to the full encapsulation of a space.

Our residential and commercial clients are offered all of the same moisture control services in order to allow everyone to receive the unique treatments they need to prevent moisture buildup and pest problems. We provide the options you need to keep your family or clientele safe while going the extra mile to assure they are effective.

brunswick pest control can help identify and eliminate your pest concerns


More homes are destroyed by pests and termites than fires, hurricanes and tornados.


At Brunswick Pest Control, Inc., we are dedicated to going the extra mile to prevent pests and have a lasting impact on the homes and businesses of the Wilmington, NC community. We assure that we are keeping your property pest free with the following:

We provide extra services for no additional charge, including clearing cobwebs from the exterior of your home

Our pest control services have a 30 day guarantee where we fix a returning pest problem for free.

Our Termite Free Guarantee assures that your home will be termite free as long as your annual fee is paid.

While your home is on a pest control treatment plan with us, we will fix any problems that occur with the structure of your home. However, our team is not responsible for damage that happened before our treatment plan began

The 10 year booster treatment has a minimal charge for the original owner, and current customers receive a discount. For up to 10 years, the agreement can be transferred to a new owner, who then becomes responsible for the booster treatments.


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