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Our History

In 1998, Brunswick Pest Control, Inc. was founded to help protect the Wilmington, NC area from pest problems that could hurt and endanger the homes, businesses, and families around our community. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to building relationships and providing exceptional pest control, termite control and moisture control services to our commercial and residential customers.

Going above and beyond has always been an important part of what we do here at Brunswick Pest Control, Inc. Our exterminators are sure to always go the extra mile to take care of all of your pest problems and meet all of your pest control needs. We know that serving you means more than simply providing the treatments for your property. It means building a relationship by taking extra steps to assure that your home or business is consistently cared for and guaranteed safe.

We care about the health, happiness, and safety of your loved ones or customers. That is why we started Brunswick Pest Control, Inc. in the beginning, and it is why we continue to provide exceptional pest control services today. No matter what your pest problem may be, we are passionate about providing remarkable, guaranteed service to you.


Our work has a minimum thirty day guarantee and we don’t charge you for extra visits in the guarantee period. For example, a quarterly pest control program with us includes regular pest control treatment four times a year. If you should find additional problems in between your treatment like a snake got in your garage, maybe a rodent in the attic, some ants on the counter, we will come back to take care of these additional problems AT NO EXTRA COST!* If you have a one-time treatment, the work is guaranteed for 30 days and we will come back within those 30 days AT NO EXTRA COST!*

Our termite treatment comes with a lifetime guarantee from the original treatment and is transferable for up to 10 years. Once Brunswick Pest Control has completed a Subterranean Termite treatment on your structure, Brunswick Pest Control will guarantee to the original owner to be free of Subterranean Termites for as long as the original owner owns the structure and has paid the annual termite renewals.

Brunswick Pest Control will fix any new Subterranean Termite damage after Subterranean Termite treatment has been completed. Brunswick Pest Control will not be responsible for damage prior to Subterranean Termite treatment being completed.

There will be a minimal charge for the 10-year booster treatment to the original owner, with a discount for current customers. The agreement is transferable up to 10 years and the new owner will be responsible for any booster treatment.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for secondary infestations, dry wood termites and/or Formosa termites, high moisture conditions, wood to soil conditions, and rigid insulation whether expressed, written, or implied and will not be covered under termite guarantee.

*Applies to paid agreements *

brunswick pest control can help identify and eliminate your pest concerns


More homes are destroyed by pests and termites than fires, hurricanes and tornados.


At Brunswick Pest Control, Inc., we are dedicated to going the extra mile to prevent pests and have a lasting impact on the homes and businesses of the Wilmington, NC community. We assure that we are keeping your property pest free with the following:

We provide extra services for no additional charge, including clearing cobwebs from the exterior of your home

Our pest control services have a 30 day guarantee where we fix a returning pest problem for free.

Our Termite Free Guarantee assures that your home will be termite free as long as your annual fee is paid.

While your home is on a pest control treatment plan with us, we will fix any problems that occur with the structure of your home. However, our team is not responsible for damage that happened before our treatment plan began

The 10 year booster treatment has a minimal charge for the original owner, and current customers receive a discount. For up to 10 years, the agreement can be transferred to a new owner, who then becomes responsible for the booster treatments.


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