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Expert Termite Control in Wilmington, NC

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Our termite control services can protect your business or home from the dangerous structural damage termites inflict. In the Wilmington, NC community, subterranean termites are the biggest threat to home and business owners. Our termite treatments protect our clients and prevent and eliminate the risk of a termite infestation on their property.

Subterranean termite colonies can include up to 2 million termite workers, soldiers, and reproducers. Each type of termite in the colony looks different, but our termite treatments are designed to affect them all to eliminate the entire colony.

Our variety of termite control methods treat everything from the potential locations of mud tubes—the structures subterranean termites build to travel from their home in the ground to your home up above—to the soil under and around your home where the termites live. We even offer continuous guaranteed treatment and help with termite control when you utilize one of our subterranean termite bond offerings to continuously protect your home or business.

No matter what your termite trouble may include, our exterminators here at Brunswick Pest Control, Inc. can provide an environmentally friendly termite treatment that will solve your pest problem in the fastest, most effective means possible to keep your family or customers happy and healthy.

Termite Treatment

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More homes are destroyed by pests and termites than fires, hurricanes and tornados.


At Brunswick Pest Control, Inc., we are dedicated to going the extra mile to prevent pests and have a lasting impact on the homes and businesses of the Wilmington, NC community. We assure that we are keeping your property pest free with the following:

We provide extra services for no additional charge, including clearing cobwebs from the exterior of your home

Our pest control services have a 30 day guarantee where we fix a returning pest problem for free.

Our Termite Free Guarantee assures that your home will be termite free as long as your annual fee is paid.

While your home is on a pest control treatment plan with us, we will fix any problems that occur with the structure of your home. However, our team is not responsible for damage that happened before our treatment plan began

The 10 year booster treatment has a minimal charge for the original owner, and current customers receive a discount. For up to 10 years, the agreement can be transferred to a new owner, who then becomes responsible for the booster treatments.


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