5 Reasons Why You Need Bed Bug Treatment in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

You know that feeling when you have an unwelcome guest in your house and you just can’t get them to leave? For a whileyou can ignore them, but at some point, you just can’t take it anymore. Bed Bugs are similar in that they just take up residence in your house and you don’t know how to get them to leave. Luckily, Brunswick Pest Control can handle the bed bug infestations quickly and efficiently.

You Need Bed Bug Treatment in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC because:

Bed Bugs Are Super Gross

 Have you ever seen a bed bug? If you haven’t, you should consider yourself lucky. They are tiny sixlegged bugs that are only a couple millimeters in length. They live off of the blood that they suck from their prey and swell up to 4 times their original size. Pretty gross, right? It gets worse. Sometimes people will roll over in bed and squish a bed bug that had just been feeding. This releases all of the blood from the feeding pest and stains your bed sheets red. The fact that bed bugs are super gross should be reason enough for you to seek bed bug treatment in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC.

It’s Hard to Sleep Knowing You Have Bed Bugs

Imagine you have just spent a lovely day at the beach and return to your home in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC. You are dead tired and ready to turn in for the night, but then you remember that you found a couple small bugs in your bed the night before. Suddenly, your desire to get some shut-eye is greatly overpowered by the idea of these disgusting little creatures inhabiting your bed. You decide to spend the night on your old, lumpy couch and only get a couple hours of lackluster sleep. This could go on for a long time unless you have your home treated for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites Are Annoying

While bed bugs don’t typically carry diseases, they do leave bite marks that can be very itchy and just downright annoying. You can easily avoid all the discomfort that comes with bed bug bites if you contact Brunswick Pest Control to have your home treated for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Stink…Literally

An early warning sign that you may have a bed bug infestation is a musty odor that you have never previously recognized in your home. When a bed bug is disturbed, it will release something called an alarm pheromone. The larger the infestation of bed bugs, the nastier the smell usually is.

You Deserve It

No one should have to live in a house infested by bed bugs. You deserve to be able to feel safe in your own home. You deserve to be able to crawl under your covers and fall asleep without fear that you may be sharing that bed with some six-legged pests. For this reason, as well as the other reasons listed above, you need bed bug treatment in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC. Don’t waste another night uncertain if you are safe from bed bugs!