Why Am I Waking Up with Bites?! – Bed Bug Exterminator in Wilmington, NC

You wake up on a Saturday morning after sleeping in. The moment you dream of all week. You reach over to grab your phone and catch up on the funny cat videos on your Facebook feed, but an overwhelming need to scratch your leg stops you. You look down to see a red welt on your legs and feet. Bad news…you’ve got bed bugs. While bed bugs are not technically seasonal, the busiest time for bed bug exterminators in Wilmington, NC is in the summer.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Wilmington, NC– Why You’ve Got Bed Bugs

There are many different reasons why these bugs come around, but chances are you got it from an outside source. Bed bugs are so pesky; they can hide on something until they find a new place to settle into. Maybe they were at a hotel you were staying in and climbed into your suitcase to come home with you. Sometimes they are in your gym, a local store, or even at the office. Once they get into your home and settle into your bed or furniture, they’re hard to notice. All it takes is one fertile female bug to lay 200-500 eggs in your comfy mattress.

Beat it, Bed Bugs!

These little guys multiply fast, the earlier you see that it’s a problem, the better. Common identifiers are bites on your legs and feet, tiny brown stains in the mattress seam and bedding. This is not just a nuisance; bed bugs can carry disease that can be spread to you. It is so important that you don’t let these buggers stick around any longer.  Once you’ve been hit with a bed bug infestation, it may be time to call a bed bug exterminator in Wilmington, NC

It’s always safe to prepare, so make sure you take the steps necessary to avoid the infestation in the first place.  Remember to always wash your bed sheet and comforter regularly, and always make sure the water is very hot and soapy. Make sure you don’t have a lot of clutter in your home; this can prevent you from noticing or seeing bed bugs when they hit. Finally, always check your bed and furniture after having guests, moving homes, or coming back from vacations.

If you’re reading this, horrified that you might have bed bugs even though you’ve never experienced the warning signs, take a deep breath. Follow our tips for preventing these annoying bed bugs. However, if bed bugs do hit, call our professional bed bug exterminators in Wilmington, NC.