Stop Bugging Out—Pest Control Company in Wilmington, North Carolina

Summer is almost here! While it’s been rainy here, it’s safe to say we’re all ready to turn on some music, invite our family and friends over, and have a nice get-together outdoors! As soon as you start seeing those sun rays come out and the rainy clouds going away, think of how much fun you’ll have at a backyard barbecue! Now with any outdoor function, there is always going to be one unwelcome kind of guest…BUGS. Let a reliable pest control company in Wilmington, North Carolina give you some handy tips to keep those pests out!

“Leave Us Alone!” — 5 ways to get rid of bugs at your next summer barbecue

1. Keep the Area Clean

 You’re having a blast at your barbecue, the music is loud and your friends are all laughing at your hilarious stories. Until…the flies hit! They’re following your every move, almost seemingly aiming for the inside of your laughing mouth. Don’t be the host that lets these pests ruin the party! Keep flies and other bugs away by keeping a clean area. There’s nothing like garbage and food crumbs everywhere to attract some pests to your outdoor party. Make sure you do a walk-around to ensure trash is thrown away and spilled food is cleaned up. 

2. Seal all the food

Speaking of keeping clean, a good way to do this is to seal all the food and beverages. The bugs that do manage to sneak through will not be able to get to those burgers and potato salad. Don’t forget about that lemonade too—sweet, sugary drinks like those are perfect for insects to get their tiny little antennae on.

 3. Tiki Torches Are In

 This tip is our personal favorite because it doubles as a practical way to keep pests away and as decoration! Citronella candles and tiki torches can help repel those mosquitos and provide the illusion of a Hawaiian getaway! Okay, that’s a reach, but it gives your party such a fun vibe at night!

 4. Drain the birdbath

 Any still-standing area of water is bound to attract all kinds of bugs, but most annoyingly—mosquitos. Tell your neighborhood birds to go to the house next door while you drain it for the night.

 5. The Name’s Bon, James Bonfire

 While light attracts bugs, smoke can keep them away. This is why a bonfire is a great way to let those pests know they’re not invited. It’s also the perfect opportunity to bring out the marshmallows for smores.

 We consider ourselves as experts in our pest control company in Wilmington, North Carolina and we want to make sure you have a great summer! For more information please call (910) 457-4444 today!