Bugs Be Gone! Exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina

No one is perfect. While we all would like to say that our home is eternally pest-free, it seems that these irritating creatures always find their way inside, no matter how many barriers we install. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in the midst of a pest problem; take some advice from our professional exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina!

Ask a Professional: 3 Things Your Exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina Wants You to Know

1. STOP Leaving Dirty Dishes Near the Sink

Food particles are one of the most common causes of ant infestations. The moment that one little member of an ant colony finds out that your countertops or sinks often contain tiny bits of food particles, the entire family will come running to your crumb-covered kitchen. If you’re still having trouble visualizing this, imagine the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” only every member of the family is played by an ant. Ant families are not easy to get rid of, which is why you’ll need assistance from a professional exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina if you find yourself walking into an unwanted ant family reunion.

2. Clean Your Clothes Immediately After Staying in Unfamiliar Lodging

If you’re staying somewhere new, make sure you thoroughly clean all clothing that was worn or packed as soon as you return home. While no one likes to consider the possibility of bed bugs, it is incredibly important to take precautionary measures to ensure that you don’t allow even the most conspicuous bed bug into your home. If you are facing a situation in which bed bugs have already intruded your house, call a professional exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina to inspect the area and get those pests outta’ there!

3. Moisture Control is a MUST

Cockroaches and termites adore the warm, dark, and moist spaces inside your home. The areas of your home that are left untouched or unattended (i.e. the back corners of the basement, under boxes on a high shelf in the garage, etc.) are most prone to a cockroach or termite infestation. What can you do to help prevent this travesty? Make sure you move boxes around in your garage, basement, or attic on a regular basis so moisture doesn’t accumulate around the area. Work to keep these areas dry by checking for water damage after a heavy rain, and replace old boxes with new ones on a regular basis.

Even if you take all of these preventative measures to protect your home from a pest invasion, it’s likely that some kind of pest will STILL find their way around it! While it’s no fun to have pests in your home, Brunswick Pest Control can ensure that removing them will be a piece of cake! You can sit back and leave the hard work to your professional exterminator in Wilmington, North Carolina.