Crazy Ant-ics and Pest control Company in Wilmington, North Carolina

It’s hard to deny, we’ve all had ants in our home. We block, cover, and protect all entry ways to our home, but somehow these things keep coming. With spring here and summer well on its way, these ants seem to think they’ve received an invitation to invade anything they can get their little antennae on. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need a pest control company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Let our professionals kick those ants out, call us today. 

Uninvited Guests: 3 Ways Ants Can Ruin Your Day in Wilmington, North Carolina

1. Eating all the fruit at the picnic
Sometimes they don’t know how to take a hint. You lock the food up in plastic containers, plastic wrap, and little baggies; somehow ants still think you wrapped it up nicely for them! Ants are attracted to anything sweet or greasy – which makes a picnic a prime candidate for an ant takeover. Think about it, you have all of your ant-favorites: juicy watermelon, sickly-sweet fruit punch, and greasy burgers. The best thing to do is to keep everything wrapped up. They might still show up but at least they can’t have a taste.

2. Moving in to your kitchen floor
Being outside with ants is one thing, they live outside so you can’t be too mad, right? But when they move inside your home?! You can bet they’re not there on an open invitation. All it takes is one ant to move in and find all the crumbs that are hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home…more specifically in your kitchen. We like to think we keep a clean house, but you’d have to be, well, the size of an ant to find every single little scrap of food and crumbs. This is when you need a reliable pest control company in Wilmington, North Carolina – because once ants start coming in to your home and crawling around, they leave behind a scent that their other ant buddies can follow.

3. Living in the couch cushion next to the grave of fallen potato chips 
Okay, now this one we kind of have to take a little blame for…crumbs in the couch cushions. Leaving crumbs in couch cushion is pretty much like leaving an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests like ants. Just like the picnic foods, ants will eat any of the munchies that missed your mouth during your last marathon of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Next time you find some unwanted guests living in the potato chip graveyard under the cushion, call the professionals at Brunswick Pest Control; your reliable pest control company in Wilmington, North Carolina.