Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! – Bed Bug Treatment Wilmington, NC

Most people are familiar with the common bedtime phrase, “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” However, how many of us have not actually spent time thinking about the implications of bed bugs. When we were children, bed bugs were this illusive idea of some friendly yet mythical creatures crawling around your bed—but nothing to be genuinely concerned about. As an adult, we have to accept the realization that bed bugs aren’t purely fictional, and finding an effective bed bug treatment in Wilmington, NC is crucial to keeping bed bugs away. In addition to finding a treatment, there are a few preventative steps you can take to keep these unwelcome guests away.

1. Wash Any Clothes or Sheets Used at a Hotel or Inn

While you may never have experienced direct contact with bed bugs when staying overnight at a hotel, motel, or Inn, these pests can be lurking in unexpected crevices of any room you stay in. While you shouldn’t be paranoid about the possibility of bed bugs, you should certainly take precautions to prevent these pests from spreading from the clothes or sheets you brought with you on your stay to your personal bed back at home. Place all of the clothes that you wore, or even clothes that simply touched the bed, in a small bag and wash it immediately when you arrive home. All Sheets, pillowcases, or blankets should also be immediately thrown in the washer. This is a safe and easy pest control and bed bug treatment in Wilmington, NC that you can take to prevent the spread of bed bugs to your home.

2. Don’t Eat in Bed!

While it may be tempting to take your favorite dinner of tacos and guacamole sauce into your room to eat peacefully while watching the evening news, the possibility that you’ll leave unnoticed crumbs or particles of food in your bed sheets is incredibly high. Even with napkins or a TV tray, you cannot completely prevent crumbs. Do yourself a favor and eat at the table or even on a chair in the living room if you’re truly looking to relax and watch TV. This will keep bothersome bed bugs from being attracted to the very space where you sleep.

3. Vacuum and Dust Your Room Weekly

Despite their catchy name, bed bugs can hide in many other areas of your room and home. The carpet is a favorite place for bedbugs because it’s warm, cozy, and filled with hiding places for a tiny insects like these. By vacuuming and dusting weekly, you can disrupt the crevices and tiny corners where your unwanted bedbugs are hiding. Even if your home is completely free of bedbugs, vacuuming and dusting on a weekly basis is a terrific preventative measure in case of any future bed bug invasions.

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